Gateway Turck Combines Multiple Serial Modbus Standards in One Compact Gateway

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Turck has expanded its BL20 I/O system with a new gateway for serial Modbus communication. The gateway supports both the Modbus RTU as well as the ASCII protocol.

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Modbus RTU Gateway
Modbus RTU Gateway
(Picture: Turck)

The user can also choose between either RS485 or RS232 for the physical interface. Push-in terminals for connecting the fieldbus and power supply cables quickly and directly eliminate the need for any time consuming preparation of the typical 9-pin SUB-D connectors.

The most important parameters, such as baud rate, address assignment, bus termination and RS232/RS485 can be set easily on the gateway using the DIP switches. Other functions such as ASCII mode and other baud rates can be configured using FDT/DTM with Pactware. A Mini-USB port can be used as a service interface.

Embedded in the Banner DX80 wireless system from the Turck portfolio, the new gateway makes it possible to implement cable-free Modbus RTU communication. Thanks to the extended temperature range from -25 to 60 °C, the gateway can also be used in outdoor control cabinets. The electronics are coated with a protective lacquer to provide protection from condensation. Up to 32 I/O modules can be connected to the compact IP20 gateways, and the BL modules can also be used for connecting RFID read/write heads. The modular concept enables users to deploy the same electronic modules in different fieldbus systems.