Chemical Accidents/TUIS TUIS Offers Online Database for Firefighters

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Expertise for emergencies: Firefighters and local emergency response teams can now access the TUIS hazardous goods database online. This service shall help to provide professional help and support in case of accidents...

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The TUIS online-database can be accessed via
The TUIS online-database can be accessed via
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Frankfurt/Germany – The TUIS online database can be sorted by either the location of accident or the specific hazardous good involved, providing contact data of nearby professional company fire departments. Company fire fighters are often specially trained and equipped to deal with chemical accidents, so they can offer valuable support for local emergency reswponse teams.

The new online search succeeds the previous TUIS–offline database, providing up–to–date data for firefighters, policed departments or paramedics. It can be easily accessed with the internet browser on

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