Safety/Valve Trouble-Free Dust Collection

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Filter dust collection just got safer: TRM Filters now use Ventex explosion isolation valves and the explosion isolation Redex Flap valves from Swiss company Rico.

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Innovative valve technology minimizes explosion risk of dust collectors
Innovative valve technology minimizes explosion risk of dust collectors
(Source: Rico)

The functionality of the valves is based on a sealing of the valve, triggered by the pressure wave in case of an explosion. The valves are characterized by their easy handling, reliability and rapid commissioning. In addition, the explosion isolation flap valve Redex Flap ensures optimal protection and prevents propagation of explosions. A great application partner is found for Rico with TRM Filter – the Slovene company is specialized in developing and producing advanced dust collectors in order to secure a clean working environment.

Dust collectors are used to extract dusty air from different production processes in the pharma, chemical and food industry. The dusty substances – some extremely toxic – are sucked into the dust collectors to reduce the explosion danger substantially. TRM Filter products are distinguished by their compact design and a state-of-art smart filter cleaning technology Rotatronic, which is a unique self-learning algorithm, designed for fully automated operations.

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