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Aug 22, 2022

ECS - High vacuum dedusting filter units

The ECS series dust collectors are suitable for pneumatic conveying and central vacuuming in industrial environments. Their robust construction makes them the first choice for demanding applications requiring high vacuum and/or explosion protection.

The ECS dust collectors can be used in applications where the airflows are in the range up to 3,000 m3/h and the system pressure is between -50 kPa (negative pressure) and 200 kPa (positive pressure).

Thanks to their modular design, two-stage filtration, three sizes and optional equipment, ECS dust collectors can meet different filtration and functionality requirements. If the characteristics of the production process (subject to a risk assessment) require additional explosion protection, various options for external explosion protection can be selected.

Depending on the type of dust and other impurities in the extracted air, primary filter cartridges made of different filter materials are available. Filter media for secondary filter elements in HEPA efficiency level or with activated carbon are recommended.

For special applications, an optional ROTATRONIC Control system can be used for advanced monitoring and control. It provides comprehensive control with maximum energy efficiency and constant suction power.