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Aug 22, 2022

ECB - dedusting filter systems for difficult dust and demanding requirements

The dedusting filter systems (dust collectors) of the ECB series are designed for use in a wide range of applications. Wherever the process dusts are sticky, hygroscopic, moist, agglomerating (bridging) or toxic, the dedusting systems (dust collectors) of the series ECB are a robust and high-quality choice. They can be configured to meet requirements up to OEB4 in pharmaceutical or other production environments.

The versatility of the ECB dust collectors is achieved by many features. But there are four that stand out:

  1. Modular design: The hallmark of ECB dust collectors is their modular design, which allows easy adaptation to spatial constraints, application-specific parameters and explosion protection requirements. Their robust design and high quality of manufacturing ensure reliable long-term operation.
  2. ROTATRONIC – Smart Filter Cleaning Technology: Our ROTATRONIC system guarantees efficient cleaning of the filter elements and long service life of the ECB dust collectors. They were our first dust collectors to be equipped with it, and all other families have a ROTATRONIC cleaning system derived from ECB’s. The design of the ECB dust collector allows a quick and easy replacement of the filter elements. This reduces maintenance time to a minimum.
  3. Containment: The importance of HSE in the applications and industries where ECB dust collectors are typically used has increased over the last decade. They have therefore been designed to ensure proper containment during dust discharge (emptying the dust container) and filter element replacement. If such requirements occur later in the product life cycle, all safety precautions can also be retrofitted to ECB dust collectors.
  4. Explosion protection: Dust that is extracted from the production process often poses an explosion hazard. ECB dust collectors are the perfect solution for such applications as they can be equipped with different types of explosion protection depending on the requirements.