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Nov 13, 2018

The ECH Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters for safe workplace

Safe and reliable containment in OSD manufacture as well as powder handling with the ECH Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters is readily available to you.

Systems are built in economic containment configurations that are designed in a staged response to the requirements for precise & reliable containment. These configurations embrace a specific recommendable functional scope beyond containment provisions.


Safety is designed into the ECH Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters: Their reliable and precise containment is defined from the applications' risk-based hygiene design targets.


Continuous dedusting operations, avoidance of batch- to-batch carry-over, loss prevention of dusts are some of the operational specifics that are mostly intertwined with specific hygiene target levels.

With five economic containment configurations the ECH filters are marrying precise and reliable economic system designs with operating functionality in as simple and economic a risk-adjusted design as conclusive.