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Aug 22, 2022

ECH - Occupational hygiene dedusting filter units

ECH dedusting filter units are mainly intended for use in pharmaceutical production. They are particularly suitable for solids handling, dosage formulation and packaging processes of biologically highly active compounds. With their wide range of containment solutions, they provide highest level of occupational safety.

The ECH dust collectors have many features in common with larger systems from our portfolio. The unsurpassed quality of built is supported by the following key features, making them the perfect choice when maximum safety is required at the point of use:

  1. Containment: ECH's dedusting filter units have a containment built into their core to meet the most stringent occupational safety requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer the most advanced containment solutions for both dust discharge (emptying the dust container) and filter element replacement.
  2. ROTATRONIC - Smart Filter Cleaning Technology: The integral parts of the ROTATRONIC System are the ROTATRONIC Mechanics and the ROTATRONIC Control. Together they guarantee an efficient and optimized cleaning of the filter elements and a long service life of the ECH occupational hygiene dedusting filter units.
  3. Efficient filtration: Not only the high degree of filtration determines efficiency, but there are other factors that are just as important. The combination of the optimum filter medium with the other physical properties of ECH filter elements, such as optimum pleat geometry, compact design, large surface area, excellent cleanability and inherent explosion protection, results in efficient and cost-effective filtration.