Interview: Dispelling Boundaries

Tradeshows and Exhibitions for Asia's Fastest Growing Market

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PROCESS: Since the opening of its youngest subsidiary in India, how does Nürnberg Messe Group see this as a way to strengthen Indo-German ties?

OTTMANN: We have established our fifth subsidiary in India because we see great potential here. Germany has also benefitted from India’s economic boom over the last few years. Many Indian customers value the quality of ‘Made in Germany’ products; and within the EU, Germany is India’s most important trade partner.

There is a particularly high demand for German goods, primarily machinery, which accounts for about one-third of the total export to India. Trade fairs in India hence play a crucial role in developing and maintaining good business relations between India and Germany.

A 50 Million Euro Investment

PROCESS: What are your observations and predications for the Asian market for 2014-15?

OTTMANN: The Indian market is shaped by competition. The leading trade fairs have not yet been defined in all areas. This frequently leads to changes regarding trade fair titles, the focus of trade fairs, the event organizers or the location. For event organizers there are challenges as well as opportunities in successfully establishing their own trade fair. Therefore, we closely examine the development of certain events and the exhibition industry as a whole.

Overall, Nürnberg Messe Group plans to invest €50 million in new exhibitions over the next 10 years and a major focus area is to enlarge the portfolio of Nürnberg Messe India. Our aim is to establish trade fairs in sectors where Nürnberg Messe has core competence. Owing to the size of the domestic market and the dynamic customers, the mid to long-term potential seems promising.

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