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Towards the Event–Enabled Company – A Business Intelligence Trend

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How Software Solutions Provide Optimum Asset Management

“The TIBCO solution will enable Merck to gain the maximum value out of existing enterprise-wide assets while also allowing us to respond more quickly to existing and new business opportunities,” said Clark Golestani, Chief Architect and Executive Director with Merck and Co. The project has cut in-house software development costs by 35 percent, Merck estimates.

What is Important to Make Best Use of Business Intelligence?

Data analysis and visualization are important in making good use of business intelligence. In 2007 Tibco acquired Spotfire, a Swedish-American company which pioneered the use of dashboards to analyze and display disparate and often fast-moving data. Procter & Gamble uses Spotfire as the engine for its Business Spheres – conference rooms each equipped with around 50 m2 of curved screens that allow executives to query up to 200 TB of data in real time. According to Filippo Passerini, P&G’s Chief Information Officer, the system allows the company to make better, faster decisions than were previously possible.


* The author works as a freelance collaborator for PROCESS in the UK.