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Towards the Event–Enabled Company – A Business Intelligence Trend

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Business Intelligence Concepts for Handling Big Data

The challenge of handling “big data” quickly and cleverly is not limited to business-to-consumer (B2C) applications, explains Matt Quinn, Tibco’s Chief Technology Officer.

For instance, since August 2011 US electricity supplier Con Edison of New York has been working with Tibco and Siemens on a smart grid demonstration project. Tibco’s enterprise messaging technology will provide a scalable framework for real-time information about power demand and network availability. “The ability to use real-time data to manage system assets, detect early warning signs and act immediately to resolve potential problems before they occur is necessary to maintain predictable power and help keep businesses running,” said Murat Sonmez, Tibco’s executive vice president, Global Field Operations. The project is scheduled to finish in May 2013.


What Does Service Oriented Architecture Mean?

Within enterprise IT the buzzwords are service oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise application integration (EAI), and EAI in particular is difficult to do well. The use of SAP can sometimes impose a “one size fits all” IT structure, Matt Quinn points out, so the intelligent use of middleware is important in regaining competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence: One For All – All for One!

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck has an IT infrastructure comprising over 100 applications, many of them custom-built. Tibco software provides an integration platform that allows Merck to automate business processes across multiple applications. The Tibco platform publishes data from SAP and allows multiple systems to subscribe to this data in real time, so when business needs change it is relatively easy to add or remove applications.

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