Granulation Totally Contained Granulation System

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

Granulation systems for high-value products often need elaborate and bulky separation systems. GEA Pharma recently displayed the company's first contained granulation plant.

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PharmaConnect granulation and blendings system (Picture: GEA Pharma)
PharmaConnect granulation and blendings system (Picture: GEA Pharma)

Aimed at producers of small quantities of highly potent compounds, the system feature a complete production plant that takes the process from dispensed raw materials to finished tablet. Acording to GEA, the exhibition demonstrates the flexibility that can be achieved throughout the process – including high shear granulation, pelletization and blending in a totally contained environment. Therefore no additional isolator systems nor uncomfortable airsuits are needed. This allows the user to focus on the product, which also increases the product quality, says GEA.

Core of this contained granulation plant is the new PharmaConnect modular granulation and blending system featuring a wide range of of process types and capacities. Spray granulation and pellet coating is achieved by an integrated FlexStream multi purpose processor.

The system includes examples of both rigid and disposable product transfer technology offering containment down to low nanogram levels. These options include: the disposable Hicoflex system with lower capital and running costs compared with rigid IBC technology and rapid product changeover for improved plant utilization; a modular MC-valve that enables complete container-to-container transfer flexibility; and a TC-valve with good performance characteristics. By introducing a wash step prior to valve separation, the TC-valve is capable of performance to the low nanogram level.