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Top 10 Mergers and Acquisitions – Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Industry Gets the Knives Out

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Towards the middle of May, the new Bayer Chief Werner Baumann dropped a bombshell. Barely 10 days after assuming office he surprised the Leverkusen-based company with 62 billion dollar acquisition offer for Monsanto in the last few weeks which offered sufficient food for thought. The deal would be the biggest acquisition of a German company and would be the perfect answer for Bayer to the continuously increasing pressure in the agrarian chemicals sector.

(The following picture gallery delivers background information about the individual deals.)

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The seventh and eighth places are taken up by two deals from the food and insurance sectors. Kraft Foods and Heinz merged for 55 billion dollars. With this, Heinz becomes the 5th largest food group of the world. The US insurer Anthem acquired its competitor Cigna for 54.2 billion dollars and has thereafter become the new leader of the sector in the US.

How competitive the market for pesticides and seeds really is, is illustrated by the Syngenta acquisition attempt by Chem China. After Dupont/Dow Chemical and Bayer/Monsanto, this deal is the third mega acquisition from the agrarian sector in the Top 10. The Chinese government-owned company is willing to pay 42 billion dollars for the Swiss company.

The tenth and last place in the Top 10 of the biggest mergers and acquisitions of the last 18 months is reserved for the Israeli pharmaceuticals Group Teva Pharmaceutical with the acquisition of Generika Division of Allergan for approximately 40.5 billion dollars.

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Comment of the authors: The figures in this contribution were researched on the Internet. As the final processing for a few deals is still awaited, the figures may differ depending on the source and date of the research.

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