Chemical Accident in Tianjin Tianjin Explosion Takes its Toll: Ten Chemical Companies Have to Move

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Sixth months after the explosion disaster in China, ten companies will have to move. Chinese authorities have identified a number of production sites that are considered too dangerous or too close to habituated areas, Associated Press reports.

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Building damaged by the explosion at Tianjin.
Building damaged by the explosion at Tianjin.
(Picture: Voice of America/美国之音, wikipedia/commons)

Beijing/PR China – Ten companies will be forced to shut down and move their operations by the local Chinese authorities, an Associated Press reports states. In August 2015, an explosion at a chemicals factory killed 173 people as there was no safety distance between residential areas and industrial production sites. The legal minimum distance between hazardous production areas and housing zones is one kilometer, the Chinese government stated.

According to news reports, 538 chemical companies have been reviewed and audited, indicating ‘problems’ with 85 of them. Two sites were idled in January, causing expenses in the four billion dollar range. The reports did not state which companies are affected by these measures.

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