Chemical Top–Trends 2014 Three Top–Trends that will Shape the Chemical Industry in 2014

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Building materials, construction chemicals and flexible packaging: Energy efficiency and functional materials could become the major growth–driver for the international chemical industry during 2014. In the long run, nevertheless, trends like bio-based chemicals, gas processing auxiliaries or agrochemicals are expected to become the key growth drivers...

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Functional materials and energy efficient construction chemicals are among the top growth drivers of the chemical industry.
Functional materials and energy efficient construction chemicals are among the top growth drivers of the chemical industry.
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With ever increasing energy prices and a growing urban population, new materials for construction and insulation are in high demand: Market experts Frost & Sullivan believe that materials and chemicals that support and promote clean and sustainable technologies and energy efficiency are on the top of the agenda of stakeholders across the value chain. As buildings are among the biggest energy consumers, governments around the world have started focusing more on energy efficient buildings in order to reduce their respective carbon emissions and achieve energy efficiency goals.

This growth of “green” and “net-zero energy” buildings will drive the need for sustainable insulation systems and materials: The massive growth in emerging markets, building renovations in Europe and the evolving standards in the US will be amongst the major driving forces behind the growth of materials for energy efficient buildings, analysts predict.

Cost and Energy Efficiency Drive the Chemicals Market

The new data, based on Frost & Sullivan's 2013 ‘2013 Search for Growth, involved responses and input from 1835 executives in more than 40 countries globally. The survey data and discussion showed that materials market for energy-efficient buildings, construction chemicals and flexible packaging will be the key growth areas in 2014 and beyond.

"Frost & Sullivan gathered information from the leading industry players in the chemical, materials and food industry. Using comprehensive analysis, our research team identified key trends, opportunities and challenges for the upcoming year,” explains Frost & Sullivan Research Director Chemicals, Materials & Food Dr Leonidas Dokos.

Construction Chemicals Remain on Top–Agenda

Urbanisation, coupled with the growing middle class, the increasing number of smart cities enabling efficiency solutions, and smart buildings will drive the construction chemicals market. Even amidst the current mixed global economic landscape, construction chemicals remain at the top of the agenda for emerging as well as developed markets - but also functional materials and smart packaging solutions are in high demand... more on page 2!