Thermophysical Database Thermophysical Experts: 11.3 Million Data Sets Are Waiting for You

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

You are looking for phase equilibrium data, vapor pressures, transport properties or surface tensions?

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(Source: DECHEMA)

The Detherm database is the prime source for reliable thermophysical property data. It is now available since more than 30 years and covers actually data on 60,600 pure compounds and 163,000 mixtures. At the time 11.3 million data sets are part of the database. The data are indispensable for construction and design of chemical apparatus, plants and processes.

The numerical database is available both online as well as an in-house solution. Detherm in-house comes with a software package for database retrieval and maintenance. This enables users to formulate sophisticated inquiries immediately from the beginning.

Data can be displayed both graphically or within tables. The tabular as well as the graphical display could be customized in many ways: e.g. different sources within one plot/table, unit transformations, logarithmic and/or reciprocal display of data or even triangle diagrams are possible.

Part of Detherm is a data regression and analysis module (DECHEMA Data Preparation Package). This software acts as the universal hub between various process simulation packages and the database. Within the regression module nearly all kinds of thermodynamic models could be used for the calculation of thermophysical properties and phase equilibria, since the thermodynamics is integrated as exchangeable plugin module.

In addition Detherm offers the option to store your own data side by side with the Detherm data. Running the database in Client-Server-Mode assures that all users of a company access identical data sets. Multiple data sets and the use of differing values from user to user can thus be avoided. The usage of a central data repository in addition leads to synergetic effects between different departments. By this way all your physical property data splattered among various sources and departments are seamlessly integrated into your company’s standard engineering workflow.

Detherm is already utilized worldwide in many major chemical engineering companies. nDo you also want to become a part of the Detherm community? Contact: detherm@dechema.de