R&D/Lab Scale Drying There's no Substitute for Testing

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Even in times of increasing digitalized simulations, trials in lab-scale dimensions are a necessity for verified quality assurance and the new development or optimization of compounds, active ingredients and production procedures.

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(Source: Heinkel)

Laboratory dryer runs through continuous technical development and variation. Special applications such as precisely controlled temperature ramps, complex virus studies and similarly specific processes always require operation to be tailored to individual customer requirements during the tests.

The modular lab-scale dryer BS-Minidry from Bolz-Summix comes in various setups and enables the verifiable drying, blending, re-wetting and product refining in kilo-scale volumes. In a minimized version, the lab-scale dryer has a more simplified manual control system and can be integrated in existing peripheral equipment. In any version the BS-Minidry fulfills the fundamental requirements with respect to a reproducible process in small lab-scale for reliable scale-ups, the use of a flexible filling level, gentle product handling and variable process management with different hybrid mixing tools. Powtech Hall: 4A/Stand: 128

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