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The Valve that Came in From the Cold: How L&T is Engineering the Flow of Growth

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It was not an easy task to design and develop valves for such applications. “A deep understanding of user-industry requirements and practices helped us turn this challenge into an opportunity. As a result, we could develop a comprehensive range of valves for supercritical power plants. To enhance customer confidence, prototypes were tested in simulated supercritical conditions and certified by an international inspection agency,” he continued.

The company is also a partner in India’s nuclear power program. “We have a presence in all major nuclear installations. Our product portfolio for this sector comprises valves for primary piping and emergency systems, supplied after conducting all the qualification requirements of the concerned agencies” stated Venkatasubramanian.



Venkatasubramanian is confident that the company will maintain its steady growth trajectory. In 2015–16, we expect investments in oil & gas upstream, fertilizer projects and power projects to spur growth in India. In the international market, growth will be driven by investments of major national oil companies in the Middle East and South Asia. L&T Valves has grown consistently, leading the industry in all key parameters and the company is optimistic about the future as well.

* The author is Associate Editor at Vogel Business Media India