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Achema-Trend Report: Bio-Economy The Search for the Bio-Based Holy Grail of Chemicals

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Academia and industry are searching for a new bio-based chemistry. Although the declining oil price has rendered attempts to replace fossil feedstock with renewables unlike, the search for promising bio-based chemicals goes on. Succinic acid, 1,2-propanediol, para-xylene and glycerol are likely candidates for the holy grail of green chemistry...

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(Source: ©Uros Petrovic, ©Sinisa Botas, belkaelf25 -; [M]GötzelHorn)

Petroleum is a limited resource the use of which accelerates global warming. Since this realization has filtered in, the quest for alternatives has begun. Many believe that the way to go are fossil-free resources, bio-based ones that is. Industry and academia are fervently developing bio-processes which are economical viable compared to fossil based production.

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