Robotic Engineering The Robot Invasion: A View at the Future of Industrial Production

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The past few years have been positive for the robotics and automation industries. Not only has the sector itself grown, but it has also helped the economies of countries to grow. This article presents an analysis of the sector and overall predictions of what 2013 will offer.

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Adoption of robots has led to streamlining of processes
Adoption of robots has led to streamlining of processes
(Picture: VDMA)

Ever since automation and robots have entered the manufacturing sector, the streamlining of processes has been achieved along with the benefits of increased productivity, cost reduction, error minimization, etc. The turnover of robotics and automation showed an increase in 2012 of almost three per cent, compared to the previous year, reaching the new record value of €10.5 billion.

This segment does not look like it is going to slow down. Speaking at the VDMA Trade Association’s annual press conference in Frankfurt, on expectations the company has for the current year, Chairman of the Board, VDMA Robotics + Automation, Hans-Dieter Braumtrog, announced, “In 2013, we expect a further increase in turnover of three per cent to about €10.8 billion. Furthermore, the significance of exports is increasing constantly for companies in the business of robotics and automation. The share of exports has increased continuously to 51 per cent.”

Rise of the Robots: Expectations from 2013

In 2012, robotics, alone, increased its turnover by eight per cent and thereby attained a new turnover record of €3 billion. However, because of this enormous increase in turnover, the segment will remain stagnant in 2013 at the same record value. The same year saw the turnover of integrated assembly solutions, i.e., assembly and handling technology, increased by one per cent to €5.94 billion.

However, 2013 will see this segment grow by five per cent to € 6.2 billion; this is partially owing to the high order backlog for assembly systems. Also, a further increase of five per cent from the turnover of €1.49 billion in 2012, to € 1.6 billion in 2013, will be seen for manufacturers of machine vision.

Which Industry Modernises Plants?

To an extent, one can say that the automotive industry is the reason why further innovations have been made in the automation sector. And undoubtedly, it is the biggest consumer of this sector. However, with the incorporation of this segment across various verticals, this trend has recently changed...

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