The Power of Nanoelectronics – from Connecting to Improving Lives

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Imagine silicon chips that read single
molecules of DNA in a massively parallel way with minimal preparatory steps. With these chips, DNA sequencing can become a
routine diagnostic test. Or powerful chips that can image millions of cells per second at the microscopic level to hunt for rare but hugely important cells such as circulating tumor cells.

Thanks to the integration power of
nanoelectronics, we can develop very powerful instrumentation at the lowest possible cost. Instrumentation that will facilitate both discovery in the lab and routine diagnostics anywhere and anytime.

To achieve breakthroughs in all these new application domains it is essential to find creative business models that can support such innovations. Real breakthroughs will occur only by bringing together the key
players; and more and more we have to bring together key players from different industries since innovation and growth will come from connecting the unconnected. Innovation will come from bringing the advantages of scaling, miniaturization and integration to non-electronics markets. Innovation will come from imagining the power of our
semiconductor technology way beyond our traditional borders.

* Luc Van den Hove is president and CEO imec, Belgium