Study: Megatrend Digital Industry

The Next Industrial Revolution: Digitalisation Offer $1.4 Tillion Added Value in 2030

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Next generation of production technology

The next generation of production technology is just starting to be rolled out, however, the study projects that the hardware and software will matter less than the “application layer” - the business models, processes, analytics, and decision-making that this technology will enable.

This cumulative value will be unlocked by the wide range of levers that is becoming available. Demand forecasting and intelligent pricing is the largest lever. Not surprisingly, more flexible production and mass customisation will also deliver on margin impact. Small or individual lot sizes will be handled just like regular series production, based on 3D models, simulation, flexible systems, and fully integrated end-to-end data flows.

Digital industry will also enable machinery and engineering firms to evolve their business models around internal processes, aftersales and optimisation software.

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