Versatile Vacuum Pumps The Key to Success lies in Designing and Developing Perfect Solutions

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pumping solutions for critical industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical have to be delivered as per the requirements of each user. Italvacuum, with its extensive range of products, helps every customer with the right solution.

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Saurus939-Italvacuum workshop
Saurus939-Italvacuum workshop
(Picture: Italvacuum)

Vacuum pumps hold immense importance in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical production as they are deployed in critical processes. As a result, they have to be manufactured taking into account the needs of users. Italvacuum, a leading European manufacturer of vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers, has been serving the industry since 1939 in meeting specific requirements. It manufactures the following products that comply with most of the European regulations such as CE, ATEX, PED, etc., and also with FDA and cGMP norms:

  • Saurus939 piston vacuum pump
  • Criox System, rotary vacuum dryer/pulverizer
  • Planex System, a brand new paddle vacuum dryer
  • Multispray cabinet dryer, tray vacuum dryer

Introducing the Saurus939 Piston Vacuum Pump

This pump features simple design and innovative technical solutions such as the new LubriZero lubrication system. As this system allows for almost zero consumption of non-reusable oil, it is particularly suitable for various chemical and pharmaceutical processes, such as drying, distillation, reaction and crystallization. Also, it facilitates easy round-the-clock operation.

Designed for use with most of the commonly encountered solvents and even the most aggressive, such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, chlorobenzene and dimethylformamide – Saurus939 guarantees both process and operator safety. Moreover, the pump is capable of delivering high performance with nominal output of 80 to 3,800 m3/h and vacuum levels from 7 to 0.033 mbar. Thanks to its low-consumption motor and other features such as low oil consumption and low maintenance cost, the pump is an economically viable investment for any plant.

Its features such as high corrosion resistance and outstanding ability to take dust, condensate and distillation by-products in its stride – which guarantee that vacuum level and output remain constant over time – make Saurus939 ideal for the most demanding applications. This pump also ensures a complete separation of the process and mechanical side, thus avoiding any possibility of contamination by lubricating oil. As a result, it ultimately ensures purity of the treated product.

Extracting Water and Solvents with the Criox System

Front view of the Criox System
Front view of the Criox System
(Picture: Italvacuum)

The Criox System consists of a rotary vacuum dryer capable of extracting water and solvents from wet powders coming out from filtering or centrifuge process. The central body of the system is made of a double cone chamber, characterized by smooth surfaces without edges and sharp corners. During the rotation, this structure helps the total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and enables homogenous and delicate mixing.