Open Architecture

The Advent of Open Architecture Pushes Enhanced Interoperability

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Related Companies

So you could envisage future joint development of 2D tools?

Geiss/Gerke: Yes, absolutely.

In your view, what process industries offer the greatest opportunities for what you have to offer?

Gerke: The chemical and pharmaceutical industry will undoubtedly be the quickest to take the trends from the oil & gas industry on board.

Take it to the Next Level

What are the next steps?

Geiss: We want to get it going with the two handful of customers that we have identified. What we have announced as a bidirectional interface will be operational by the end of the calendar year, and we will then move forward together with customers to identify new fields of application. We have a number of ideas which will we have to put into a roadmap.

Gerke: There are many exciting possibilities in areas such as global collaboration and asset performance management. There is also the issue of how equipment performance can be integrated into the engineering process and what effect that is likely to have on plant engineering.

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