Elastomers Production Thai Elastomers Facility Runs at Full Production Capacity

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dow celebrated the fully operational status of its elastomers production in Thailand with an opening event at the facility. The jointly operated plant of Dow and SCG aims to provide elastomer products for worldwide customers.

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(Picture: Dow)
(Picture: Dow)

New York City/USA – Dow's new elastomers plant in Thailand announces full productivity. The plant, opened in June 2011, now runs at its stated capacity – an event that Dow celebrated with a grand opening event at the facility on September 20th. The plant, a project of the SCG-Dow joint venture, now features additional capacities to meet the increasing worldwide customer demand for elastomer products, Dow says.

“As a global leader in elastomers innovation, Dow is committed to offering the most technologically advanced elastomers in the world,” said Kim Ann Mink, general manager, Dow Elastomers. “Our new facility in Thailand will allow us to continue to offer customers tailored solutions that add value to their businesses.”