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A company that has been setting the standards for temperature control for over 80 years must have innovation in its DNA — just like Alfa Laval. Not only did the Swedish manufacturer, who introduced sterilization equipment to the market in the 1960s, develop the spiral heat exchanger and the first stainless steel plate heat exchanger: The Swedes are still the measure of things for applications where the going gets hot or an ice-cool head is needed …

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Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
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Whether hot or ice-cold: Precise temperature control processes require cutting-edge heat transfer technology. No wonder — the products involved are often sensitive, and the processes needed to handle them consume a lot of energy. When it comes to designing the corresponding equipment, efficiency and reliability are the name of the game. For 80 years, one company has been pushing back the boundaries of what can be done in the area of heat transfer — time and time again. Alfa Laval from Lund, Sweden, has set many standards, from its early days in the dairy industry through the development of the spiral heat exchanger and on to the first plate heat exchanger completely made of stainless steel.

Selected Milestones in the History of Thermal Processing

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But the Swedes have by no means rested on the laurels of their past achievements. Since 1938, the company has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat exchangers and thermal transfer solutions. Through constant further development and refinement of its products, Alfa Laval has managed to keep even the increasing competition from low-cost equipment and plant builders in Asia at bay — which is underlined by the fact that the Swedish company invests around 2.5 percent of its turnover in research and development. Around 3,000 patents and 35 to 40 new products every year are just a few examples of this innovative capacity. Worldwide, Alfa Laval currently supplies demanding customers in almost 100 countries from 40 production sites around the globe, including in Sweden, Denmark, India, China, the US and France.

Whether for the pharmaceutical or food industries or for chemical processes, for energy efficiency or sterile production: Alfa Laval heat exchangers are an integral part of key processes in the modern production plant. And future topics like heat recovery are inconceivable without the temperature control specialists.

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