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New Laboratory Device

In line with the trend topic “lab to production”, there is now the laboratory device Drum Lab: a semi-automatic powder microfeeder with roller filling technique. Even Virtual Reality has conquered mechanical engineering. Special-purpose machine manufacturer Höfliger gives the customer the possibility to go through the machine, even at the planning stage. In addition, Höfliger foregoes giving its turnkey solutions a new “look”: Combined production and packaging lines in the future will also be optically cast from a single mould, such as the production machine PMK for processing in line with the continuous packaging machine MKC.

Focus on Isolators

Bausch + Ströbel has set its focus on isolators and general barrier technology this year. This includes Variosys for small batch production: Different production modules can be combined here with a special insulator. Furthermore, the Variosys portfolio is supplemented by a machine for processing ampoules in bulk. In addition, Variosys can be combined both with the new semi-automatic machines of Bausch + Ströbel as well as filling systems and a bag filler of the Excellence United partner Harro Höfliger. With Variosys Move, a completely new application case is presented at Interpack for the first time. With the KCP, Bausch + Ströbel have developed a compact filling and closing machine, mainly for use in packaging and process technology development. Since the same control and dispensing techniques are used as for high-speed systems, the found processes are easy to transfer to large systems.

Service Is in Demand

Since 2012, Excellence United has also offered a common service portal, as many customers requested services at the same time. Demand is being driven by increasing quality requirements in production as well as continued high cost pressure.

Even now, of the more than 8000 Excellence United employees, over 800 are employed in the Service department. Cross-manufacturer performance consulting, investment planning and services in validation, contract manufacturing, process and product development are some examples from the portfolio.