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Industry 4.0 Is Coming

The partners are also engaged in Industry 4.0. For Uhlmann, the digital future of pharmaceutical packaging lies in virtual reality applications, interactive 3D simulations and apps. So, with digital training concepts, the Uhlmann thermoforming machines and lines become entirely virtually tangible. In addition, the Laupheim company showed the high-performance blister line BEC 700 for use in fast-growing markets as well as a complete line, led by the blister machine BLU 400, for the efficient packaging of liquids products in a continuous process. The new compact cylinder line IBC 150 fills solid products in bottles and rounds off the Uhlmann machine park at the Interpack.

Containment Remains

From hormone treatment to cancer therapy, more and more medicines contain highly active substances. In containment, Fette Compacting has developed a high-performance rotary with very low dust load which enables the serial production of more than 90 percent of all products. With the double rotary FE75, large batches e.g. for blockbuster products can also be pressed with less dust. In addition, with the i-series, Fette Compacting offers washable containment presses for all active pharmaceutical ingredients to the highly active area. The new Glatt Coater GCC has been specially designed for containment applications with an OEB level of less than a nanogram. Feeding, coating and emptying can be done in less than an hour. Depending on the application area, the user has the choice between fully-perforated round holes or the new slotted perforation.

Innovative Drug Delivery

Two exciting developments in the portfolio of Harro Höfliger are the X-Straw, a straw with pre- measured medicine, as well as a nasal applicator. With the example of the nasal device, the company demonstrates how the customer is supported and accompanied from the start of the development. For example, on a semi-automatic pilot plant for experimental samples, the fully automatic high-performance system had an output of 200 devices at 25 cycles per minute.