Refinery Equipment Technip Constructs Hydrocracker Unit in Bulgaria

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Technip was granted a € 900 million contract to provide a hydrocracker for a Bulgarian refinery. The 2.5 million tons/year unit will be operational by 2015, company officials stated.

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(Picture: Technip)
(Picture: Technip)

Paris/France – French engineering company Technip will provide engineering, procurement and construction works for a Bulgarian hydrocracking complex under a €900 million contract (Technip share around

€600 million). The contract covers the detail engineering, procurement of equipment and material, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of a 2.5 million tons/year vacuum residue hydrocracker based on Axens H-Oil process, as well as amine regeneration unit, sour water stripper, hydrogen production units, utilities and offsites upgrading, officials stated.

“We are proud to have been chosen by the Lukoil Group for this major project,” said Nello Uccelletti, Technip Senior Vice President Onshore: "This award recognizes the know-how and expertise of our teams. It also confirms Technip's leadership in the field of refining after projects such as Dung Quat in Vietnam, Jubail in Saudi Arabia, and Algiers Refinery in Algeria”. Executed by Technips office in Rome, Italy, the hydrocxracker is expected to be completed by around 2015.