Gas to Liquid Technip and Sasol Join Forces for Gas to Liquid Projects

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Technip and Sasol team up for Gas–to–Liquids (GTL): Technip will support future Sasol GTL projects with front-end engineering services as well as participating during the execution. Together, both companies believe to be able to become a leading player for GTL technologies.

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Paris/France – As the conversion of natural gas into petroleum products such as naphtha and diesel fuel makes previously "stranded" gas reserves in remote locations accessible, the technology could gain future importance.

Technip's operating center in Rome, Italy will be in charge of the management of the alliance including the combination of Technip's Stone & Webster Process Technology with Sasol's hydrocarbon synthesis section. Nello Uccelletti, Technip’s Senior Vice President for the Onshore business, declared: “Through the acquisition of Stone & Webster process technologies, Technip has become the exclusive co-developer of Sasol’s hydrocarbon synthesis reactor technology.”

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