Powder & Bulk Solids India 2015 Tap Into a 40–Billion–Dollar Market

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The powder and bulk material handling industry in India is poised to grow multifold in the next five years. Against this background, the 5th edition of Powder & Bulk Solids India 2015 is a unique platform for industry leaders and academia to discuss various powder and bulk material handling operations.

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The 2013 edition of Powder & Bulk Solids India witnessed a massive footfall.
The 2013 edition of Powder & Bulk Solids India witnessed a massive footfall.
(Picture: Vogel Business Media India)

Powder & Bulk Solids India 2015 will comprise a high quality conference along with specialised technical workshops. The event is scheduled to commence from February 18–20, 2015. The Indian Powder & Bulk market is booming—visitors and exhibitors of the previous edition of Powder & Bulk Solids India 2013 agree on this fact.

Hence, this year, the conference which will be held at Powder and Bulk Solids India 2015 aims to bring together industry experts and academic institutions to discuss and resolve problems on diverse topics such as energy-efficient production and achieving quality certifications.

In addition, the current market developments in the field of material handling and processing in various industrial segments will also be covered in a series of high quality presentations and interactive class workshops. The conference and workshop program has a solution orientated approach and will prove beneficial for participants from India as well as abroad.

A Coming Double–Digit Billion Dollar Market

Dr VK Agarwal of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi said, “With an average growth rate of 8.8 per cent over the past five years i.e., from 2002–2007, and an impressive recovery after the downturn in 2008–2009, India is the second fastest expanding economy after China. The Investment Commission of India estimates that there will be investment opportunities worth $30–40 billion over the next ten years in various sectors such as exploration, coal mining, equipment and infrastructure.

Anticipating major investments in power generation and steel production, will also lead to a significant market opportunity for the bulk solids handling and mining equipment, and process technologies. Powder & Bulk Solids India 2015 offers a global platform for all industries focusing on the entire production line i.e., from the raw material to the finished product. It is now a well established platform where the entire material handling industry has been showcased on such a large scale.”

Powder Bulk Solids India 2013
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The Year that Was...

Last year in Mumbai, India’s most important event for processing technologies and bulk solids handling attracted more than 2,000 quality attendees. It also saw the presence of 71 exhibitors who showcased numerous technologies for mixing, conveying, milling or separating of powder and bulk solids. The last edition also included high caliber conference sessions and workshops that served as a conducive platform for productive interactions amongst the audience and panelists.

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