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The re-worked cooling concept for the drive space also contributes to this. The heat of the drive is conducted away with the help of integrated water cooling. With the switching cubicle, users can choose between an integrated or an external variant. The housing of the FE35 is made from a high-performance, FDA certified plastic.

Rewarded: Tablet Press Wins PROCESS Innovation Award 2012

The new development FE35 is based on a good model: the PROCESS Innovation Award at Achema 2012 in the category Pharmaceutical Technology went to the first machine in the new series — the tablet press FE 55. The jury chose it for its successful combination of design and top efficiency.


“With the FE35 we show that our decision to develop from ground up a new generation of tablet presses was right,” Müller tells us. “For the FE55 we have already received twelve orders from customers in all regions and market segments.” The intention is that the FE35, which will be available early in 2013, should follow this example. ●

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