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Tablet Presses – Conquering New Markets

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With the FE35, Fette Compacting presented at this year’s Achema the second machine of the new FE series. According to the firm’s figures, this has the fastest change-over of all the tableting machines on the market. As a single rotary press, the FE35 can be equipped with up to 51 stamping stations, thus enabling the production of up to around 37 000 tablets per hour. The removal of the rotor, for example, should take only 15 minutes. But other components as well have been optimised for fast changes.

New Tablet Press Design for Optimum Access

The new shape of the press cell means that optimum access is available to all components of the machine for re-tooling and cleaning. A further new development is in the die table segments of the FE35. Despite the larger pitch diameter of 325 millimetres, the segments have the same weight as segments with a smaller pitch diameter.


Overworked Construction Methods Reduce Tooling times

Fette has furthermore opened up new paths in construction and range of functions in the press rollers. According to the company, the FE 35 is the only machine in its class with automatically adjustable press rollers above and below, pressure cells with integrated measuring amplifier and drives with a new path measurement system. The result: significantly shorter tooling times, as users no longer have to move to reference marks after changing the rotor and the measuring cells can be calibrated via software at the operating terminal.

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Thinking in Three Dimensions

In this machine, the new “Tri.Easy” design concept was applied consistently. The idea behind this: only if the technology in the three dimensions operation, re-tooling and maintenance is similarly simple can it be efficient. The design therefore focuses on the user and guarantees, independent of the experience and qualification level of the operator, smoothly running production. With the FE35, the consistent application of this principle is the basis for fast changing between products