Extraction Systems System Concept for Sustainable Extraction of Gases, Odours and Vapours

Editor: Ahlam Rais

ULT introduces two new extraction systems for the removal of gases, vapours and odours. In addition to providing a space-saving, modularly and extremely rugged designed unit, the ACD 200.1 presents a user-friendly concept.

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Fume extraction system ACD 200.1 A14 with 14 kg activated carbon.
Fume extraction system ACD 200.1 A14 with 14 kg activated carbon.
(Source: ULT)

It is suited for utilisation in several industries such as plastics processing, metal construction, electronics, additive manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemicals. Users benefit from the extraction system’s modularity and flexibility because the ACD 200.1 can be configured to meet the changing process conditions.

For instance, the device may be individually equipped with different filter units or various amounts of adsorbents (activated carbon or chemisorption). The system also allows connections with capturing elements, such as extraction arms or hoses/tubes (DN 50, 75, 80). In principle, the system supports airborne pollutant removal up to four individual workplaces, mentions the firm.

Thanks to the specially developed vacuum stabilisation and selectable pressure ranges, the ULT 200’s extraction performance is adapted automatically and flexibly to the required pollutant capturing. This primarily concerns fume extraction at several workplaces, providing cost savings to a high degree, adds the company. For example, exhaust performance is automatically reduced if only two of the four extraction points are actively used.

The major benefit is achieved by the entire system concept. It includes original accessories, among others a foot switch for ON/OFF, extraction hoses of various lengths, Y hose connectors, sockets, and cuts or a panel for extraction arm installation. Users can now save plenty of time searching for accessories and their adaptations to individual pollutant capturing situations. Upon request, experienced experts from ULT provide on-site system installations, claims the company.

The entire device and filter concept has been re-designed too. New material for sound insulation further reduces the traditional low noise operation of the ULT systems. Currently, the ACD 200.1 is the most quiet fume extraction system in its class. The system is available in two different variants –6 kg and 14 kg.

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