Sustainable Energy Sustainable Energy – Power for Processes

Author / Editor: DR. KATHRIN RÜBBERDT / Dominik Stephan

The shifting energy base has large implications for the process industries worldwide — what better place than ACHEMA 2012 to discuss sustainable enrgy concepts?

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Energy generation, storage and use will be a major focus topic of ACHEMA. (Picture: DECHEMA)
Energy generation, storage and use will be a major focus topic of ACHEMA. (Picture: DECHEMA)

The process industries are not only one of the big energy buyers, they also play a major role in future energy concepts. Whereas large-scale storage techniques traditionally focus mainly on pump storage stations and compressed-air stores, for medium-sized applications chemical storage is becoming increasingly interesting. This includes redox-flow batteries as well as heat store systems. These range from relatively simple sensitive heat stores (like water in residential heating systems) to latent-heat storage where the temperature of the storage medium remains constant to sorption systems based on the temperature gradient caused by adsorption processes for example in zeolithes.

The highest energy density can be reached in chemical storage systems; here, heat is used to split a chemical compound. When the components re-react, heat is released. A well-known example are pocket warmers containing salt hydrates. For industrial applications, solid-gas systems are very promising as they combine high storage densities with long-term storage.


Special Show 'Innovative Energy Carriers and Storage'

Energy generation, storage and sustainable energy use will be a major focus topic of ACHEMA. Right from the opening on Sunday, energy will be a red thread visible throughout ACHEMA. At the core, the special show “Innovative energy carriers and storage” will present new concepts in solar energy generation, photochemistry, hydrogen and battery technology as well as chemical energy storage and concepts for e-mobility. Special tariffs allow for a satellite stand for established exhibitors rooted in other exhibition groups as well as for the participation of smaller companies or specialized exhibitors taking part in ACHEMA for the first time. The congress mirrors topics like energy storage, but deals also with questions of energy use in chemical and biotechnological processesand increases in efficiency.

* The author is Head of Public Relations of DECHEMA e.V.