India/The Netherlands: Pharmaceutical Sun Pharma launches Gemcitabine lnfusmart

Editor: Dominik Stephan

part of its business strategy to build a meaningful and differentiating presence in the Global Oncology Therapy market, Sun Pharma has announced the roll-out of Gemcitabine lnfusmart in Europe.

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(Picture: Darko Stojanovic (CC0))

The Netherlands & Mumbai/India – As lnfusmart is a technology in which oncology products are developed in a Ready-To-Administer (RTA) bag. Until now, compounding of oncology products was done at compounding centres or compounded in hospital pharmacies, an extra step before the medicine can be administered to patients. With the roll-out of Gemcitabine lnfusmart, Sun Pharma becomes the world’s first pharmaceutical company to manufacture and launch a licensed RTA oncology product. This innovatively differentiated product will have a shelf life of two years. Over the next few months, Sun Pharma will launch Gemcitabine lnfusmart across Netherlands, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy & France.

Sun Pharma received regulatory approval to produce Gemcitabine lnfusmart in eight key SKUs. The lnfusmart concept involves dose banding practice whereby, through agreement between prescribers and pharmacists, standardized doses of intravenous cytotoxic drugs are used for ranges (or ‘bands’) of doses calculated for individual patients. More lnfusmart oncology products are currently in Sun Pharma’s pipeline to be rolled out in the future.