Thailand: Petrochemicals Sumitomo Chemical Licenses PO Technology for Major Petrochemical Project in Thailand

Editor: Alexander Stark

Sumitomo Chemical will license its technology of manufacturing propylene oxide (PO) in connection with a large petrochemical project implemented by PTT Global Chemical Public Company (PTTGC) in Thailand.

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PTTGC is the largest petrochemical and refining company in Thailand.
PTTGC is the largest petrochemical and refining company in Thailand.
(Source: PTTGC)

Tokyo/Japan — PTTGC is the largest petrochemical and refining company in Thailand, operating a petrochemical complex with an annual production capacity of 2,988,000 tons of olefins, 1.5 million tons of polyethylene, and 117,000 tons of diisocyanates (HDI and HDI derivatives), as well as a refinery complex capable of processing 280,000 barrels a day of crude oil.

With the aim of establishing an integrated polyurethane business chain, PTTGC is pursuing a project to construct new plants for PO and polyols through its subsidiaries. For PO production, a decision has been made to adopt Sumitomo Chemical’s proprietary technology. The new PO plant will have an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons, with target completion in the second quarter of 2020.

The company's PO production technology is based on a PO-only process in which, with cumene recycling, only PO is manufactured without accompanying by-products. According to the manufacturer, this technology, combined with the use of the company’s proprietary high-performance epoxidation catalyst, offers a high PO yield and stability in plant operation.

In 2015, the Company licensed the technology to S-OIL Corp. of South Korea, based on which S-OIL is due to complete a 300,000 tons per annum plant in the first half of 2018.

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