USA: Distill-Max-Technology Successful DWC-Startups

Editor: Alexander Stark

KBR announced that HollyFrontier Corporation (HFC) has successfully started up two Dividing Wall Columns (DWC) at their El Dorado Refinery, Kansas, USA.

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(Source: KBR)

Houston/USA — These grassroots and revamp column startups for HFC apply KBR's Distill-Max technology and add to the manufacturer's portfolio of Distill-Max technology implementations. This technology, which is the first commercial 4-product DWC for a refinery application, helped HFC to reduce Capex and Opex in their "Msat II Compliance Naphtha Fractionation Project". Furthermore, the customer was able to reduce his column area by 25 % and profit from energy savings of 30 % for the grassroots Naphtha Fractionator.

For the revamp column, KBR utilized its technology to provide a unique design to repurpose an existing column in the overheads section of a crude unit. The revamp of the existing column to a DWC realized a significant improvement in the separation efficiency, the company claims. The engineering company has provided the complete technical solution, comprising the basic design and the supply of column trays and internals for both projects since 2013.