Plaschem Park in Saudi Arabia Success in the Sand

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

Sadara Chemical Company is a new joint venture established in October 2011 between the Saudi Arabian Oil Company ‘Saudi Aramco’ and the Dow Chemical Company ‘Dow’. This new undertaking by the two giants in their businesses is a $20 billion investment with a product mix that is highly specialized.

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Companies like the joint venture Sadara invest billions of Dollar in the Plaschem Park in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
Companies like the joint venture Sadara invest billions of Dollar in the Plaschem Park in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
(Picture: Dechema)

Frankfurt/Main/Germany – Sadara will be a game-changer and among the world’s most competitive petrochemicals enterprises, offering a highly stable earnings profile made possible by a confluence of enabling conditions that will perfectly position Sadara for success.

It is precisely the kind of project Saudi Arabia wants to pursue both for its commercial attractiveness and for its positive impact on the Saudi national agenda. The Plaschem Park initiative led by the Royal commission of Jubail and Yanbu (RC) and Sadara will contribute to the local GDP through employment, elimination of imports, and enhancing the value of the exports thus making a positive impact to the Saudi economy.

Plaschem Park in Jubail

The Plaschem Park is an 8 square kilometer site dedicated for chemical and conversion industry in Jubail 2 next to Sadara new complex. This is a collaborative effort between Sadara and RC to establish a world class industrial park for chemical and conversion industries in Jubail. The Park will be located next to Sadara Complex in Jubail and it will consist of two main parks; the Chemical Park and the Conversion Park.

The Chemical Park tenants will receive intermediates from Sadara streams such as C4’s, cracked fuel oil, pygas, waste streams and use these streams for their chemical content to produce final products. These products can be sold in the local or export market or supplied to the Conversion Park tenants for further processing and conversion. The Conversion Park tenants will receive final products mainly from Sadara or the Chemical Park or other Jubail players for further conversion by investors involved with fabrication or custom formulation.

Webinar with first-hand insight from key players in the Saudi Arabian market

Learn more by participating in Sadara’s live-webinar, organized in cooperation with Dechema, and get first-hand insight from key players in the Saudi Arabian market. You will be able to hear from Sadara, SAGIA, the Saudi Arabian General investment authorities and RCJY.

Achema worldwide Live Webinar: Wednesday, February 5th, 14:00 – 15:00 German Time

To register simply send a request via e-Mail to – or attend the Investors’ Networking Session on April 2nd at the Dechema House in Frankfurt/Main.

More about this and other major plant engineering projects in our online database GROAB.

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