Standardised Chemical Pump Standardised chemical pump for the global market

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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(Bild: KSB)
(Bild: KSB)

The new MegaCPK type series from KSB distinguishes itself above all by a high output per size and hence very low energy consumption. The standardised chemical pump is an advanced version of the CPK, CPKN and Megachem type series. At identical operating data and conditions the user can select smaller pump sizes compared with previous generations. This will not only save energy during operation but will also reduce initial investment costs. In order to minimise the risk of cavitation, the development engineers put special emphasis on good suction behaviour at a low NPSH value. This is why even under tough operating conditions the pumps will run quietly and smoothly. With the help of the finite element analysis (FEA) it was possible to increase the pump sets’ rigidity.