Water Treatment SPML Infra Bags Two Major Water Treatment Contracts

Editor: Dominik Stephan

SPML Infra has received two major new orders for drinking water supply worth INR 812.49 Crore from the state of Rajasthan and Telangana.

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(Picture: LoggaWiggler (CC0))

Bharatpur/India – The order of INR 549.87 Crore has been received from Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Government of Telangana for providing drinking water facility to the habitations in Manthani–Bhupalapallysegment (under Karimnagar and Warrangal district) including operation and maintenance for 10 years. The project objective is to provide safe drinking water at household level up to kitchen at the defined and approved norms such that the people, especially women need not go to the streets for collection of water from public stand posts or from other facilities.

Another order of INR 262.62 Crore is received from PHED, Bharatpur, Rajasthan for providing drinking water supply to 97 villages of Mallah, Deeg, Kumher, Kaman, Pahari, Nagar under Chambal Dholpur Bharatpur Project. The scope of work include installation of 2 pumping stations, construction of 14 overhead service reservoirs, 4 clear water reservoirs with combined capacity of 21080 KL, 700 kilometers of water pipeline of DI, MS, GRP and HDPE pipes of 63-1000 mm diameters with 10 years of operation and maintenance.

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