Process Analysis Spectrometer Gets New Functions

| Editor: Doris Neukirchen

Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has added new functions to its LDS 6 diode-laser spectrometer. Featuring long-term stability and low maintenance, the spectrometer is used for in-line analysis directly in the process.

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Improved LDS 6 diode-laser spectrometer by Siemens Automation and Drives.
Improved LDS 6 diode-laser spectrometer by Siemens Automation and Drives.
( Picture: Siemens )

Now, it also measures oxygen under high pressure, residual moisture and, at the same time, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Applications include monitoring chlorine and other corrosive gases in chemical processes, and analyzing gases discharged from converter furnaces in steel production. The LDS 6 spectrometer can measure oxygen concentration at line pressures up to 5 bar. For such applications, the process sensor is fitted with stainless-steel flanges and borosilicate glass windows, available in sizes and pressure ratings of DN65/PN6, DN80/PN16 or ANSI 4 inch/150 lb. The spectrometer can also directly measure residual moisture in corrosive media such as chlorine gas. The measurement takes seconds and does not suffer from hysteresis — a considerable advantage over P205 electrochemical sensors, which require a lot of attention and often react slowly to changing moisture levels. In steel production, the LDS 6 simultaneously measures the concentration of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, allowing effective closed-loop control of the process.