Speciality Chemicals Speciality Chemicals Company Perstorp Plans Further Investments in Asia

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Perstorp bets on Asia: The speciality chemicals company is increasing its investment in the North East Asia Region, where the firm only recently opened a new Neopentyl Glycol plant...

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Zibo/PR China – “North East Asia is strategically very important to us, not just because of the rapid growth today, but because we see even greater potential in the future. Having traded in the region for over 100 years we understand the business dynamics, we are actively contributing to the region’s success and we are investing significantly in its future”, Jan Secher, President & CEO, highlights Perstorp’s commitment to the region. Recently, the company invested in a new Neopentyl Glycol plant at Zibo in China, alongside with a local TMP production platform –a plant that Perstorp calls “a triumph of Chinese and Swedish engineering”.

Secher emphasised Perstorp’s record of acting responsibly: “Today we invest over 80% of our Research & Development into sustainable innovative chemistry, and over the past five years, we have allocated more than 7% of total capital investment toward environmental improvements. We are proud to say green is the color of our innovation.” Jan Secher is now visiting the Chinacoat trade fair together with Perstorp’s regional management to meet customers and discuss the plans for the region.

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