Additives Songwon Starts OPS Production in Texas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Songwon Additive Technologies Americas plans to start up the production of OPS products (One Pack Systems) at its new facility in Houston, Texas/USA, in April.

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Songwon starts OPS production in Texas.
Songwon starts OPS production in Texas.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Houston, Texas/USA – “The North American Polymer Industry is rebounding strongly with the advent of Shale Gas-Oil and lower energy costs,” stated Doug Excell, Vice President OPS Operations. “A few years ago the discussion was about rationalization in the North America Polyolefin Industry and now the discussion is about expansion. This OPS Facility is coming on stream at just the right time to serve the needs of our customers as the industry expands.”

The Houston facility will have an initial capacity of 7.000 metric tons per year and follows Songwon´s investment in Additives Technology Greiz (ATG) in 2011 which was doubled in capacity in 2012 to 14.000 metric tons per year.