South Korea: Speciality Chemicals Songwon Commences Production of Functional Monomers

Editor: Alexander Stark

Songwon has begun large-scale manufacture of functional monomers at its production site in Ulsan, South Korea.

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Songwon’s Ulsan team after successful startup of the new DCPD phenol monomer production line.
Songwon’s Ulsan team after successful startup of the new DCPD phenol monomer production line.
(Source: Songwon)

Ulsan/South Korea — The monomers produced at the plant provide resins and polymers with special functions, such as the improvement of the physical and chemical properties of the final product. Applications include resins, sealants, adhesives and engineering plastics designed for use in coatings, the automotive sector and electronic packaging.

According to Heinrich Schulte, Leader Market Center Functional Monomers, the new capacity enables the production site in Ulsan to supply medium volumes of specialized monomers at competitive prices. Subsequent development of further products at the company's Technology Innovation Center and scaling up of production would also allow them to follow the market’s technology roadmaps.

The first functional monomers manufactured in Ulsan are dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol oligomers (known in the industry as ERM-6085 and ERM-6140, for example, depending on softening point) and bisphenol trimethylcyclohexane (BP-TMC).

DCPD functions mainly as an epoxy resin modifier in chain extending reactions and is primarily used in the manufacture of epoxy composites. The softening point and functionality of DCPD phenol resins can be widely varied and these products are therefore ideally suited to serve the growing market for special epoxy resins that exhibit high dielectric constants and low dissipation factors at high frequencies. They are, for instance, used for wiring boards and packaging material that can meet the new 5G transmission standard requirements.

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