Antioxidants Polymer Additives Songwon Announces Full Production for Korean Antioxidants Polymer Plants

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Songwon's integrated antioxidants polymer additives production plant in Maeam announces full production status ahead of time, increasing its production capacity for antioxidants from 55.000 to 70.000 tons.

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(Picture: Songwon)
(Picture: Songwon)

Ulsan, Korea – Songwon has announced full production status for its new antioxidants polymer plant at Maeam, thereby expanding its global production capacity from 55.000 to 70.000 tons of antixodants per year. Construction work was, accorded to Songwon, completed ahead of time, in July 2011 as Jongho Park, Chairman and CEO of Songwon Industrial Group, commented: “We previously announced the start-up of the new capacity to be onstream in August 2011. Our technical and manufacturing teams have exceeded expectations and the new capacity start-up commenced smoothly on July 20, 2011 and is now in full production.”

“The additional capacity is a key step in our commitment to support the growing demand of the polymer industry. We believe that Maeam is now not only the biggest plant in the world dedicated to polymer antioxidants, but also one of the best manufacturing platforms delivering unequaled consistency and reliability of supply. We have achieved this through proprietary technology and a focus on fully backward integrated production of the key intermediates isobutylene and alkylphenols, combined with the benefit of improved economy of scale.”