Epichlorohydrin Solvay to Build 100 kt/y Plant in China

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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Taixing/China – Solvay is to build an epichlorohydrin plant based on its Epicerol technology, for start-up in 2013 with an initial capacity of 100,000 t/y. The company has reserved a construction site in Taixing Economic Development Park. Epichlorohydrin is used to produce epoxy resins, and Solvay says China represents 29 percent of the world market. The Epicerol process uses glycerin, a by-product of the production of biofuels from vegetable oils. Compared to the traditional propylene-based route, the Epicerol process

  • cuts energy consumption by 70 percent,
  • uses just 10 percent of the water,
  • and produces only 12 percent of the chlorinated by-products.

Besides glycerin, the process also requires hydrochloric acid. Solvay has signed a letter of intent with SP Chemicals Taixing, a large chemicals producer, to study the feasibility of a chlor-alkali supply to the Epicerol plant. “We look forward to serving the largest epichlorohydrin market in the world, by bringing the benefits of our environmentally sustainable technology to China,” said Filipe Constant, General Manager of the Solvay Business Unit Electrochemistry and Derived Specialties. “By investing in a world-class Epicerol plant in China, Solvay reaffirms it is a key player in this business,” added Bruno Jestin, Head of the Business Unit Organic Products of Solvay’s Strategic Business Unit Electrochemistry and Derived Specialties.