Biochemical Laboratory Solvay Develops Bio-Chemicals in Brazil

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Solvay has big plans for sustainable chemistry: The company opened its first fully dedicated Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory (IBL) to boost the development of innovations and solutions based on renewable feedstock in Brazil.

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Solvay opens a new laboratory for biomass process and sustainable chemicals in Brazil.
Solvay opens a new laboratory for biomass process and sustainable chemicals in Brazil.
(Picture: Public Domain Pictures (CC0))

Paulinia/Brazil – The fully integrated laboratory in Paulinia will chiefly focus on researching new processes and molecules derived from biomass, which is mostly plant or vegetable based and abundantly available in Brazil with its favorable climate and vast surface.

"With this laboratory Solvay can further nourish its innovation portfolio, using renewable resources, with tailored solutions to meet sustainability demands from customers in multiple end-markets," said Louis Neltner, Solvay's Research & Innovation Group General Manager.

"Thanks to Brazil's wide variety of biomass, competitive agricultural businesses and biotech expertise the country has all the required conditions to develop and grow products and solutions based on renewable resources."

Flavors, Fragrances and Solvents from Biomass

The laboratory's highly qualified researchers will work jointly with the Group's Global Business Units in Solvay's research and innovation centers worldwide as well as with external partners including public and private institutions. Research programs in place include notably projects in flavors, fragrances, surfactants, cellulose derivatives and solvents.

For many decades now Solvay has been developing products and solutions based on bio-sourced raw materials such as ethanol and glycerol. Its growth and innovation strategy responds to society's challenges in dealing with the scarcity of resources amid growing industrialization, urbanization and an increasing number of consumers.

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