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Infographic: How would it be to handle all engineering and management tasks much faster?

Engineering Base creates consistency, parallel processing and consistency for all core disciplines from FEED to process to detail engineering, plus modifications and maintenance. Conventional tool chains, on the other hand, are also supported by interfaces and synchronisation platforms not shorter.

Infographic: Fit for Industrie 4.0

In Engineering Base, every change is shown in every representation of the changed object - without waiting times, synchronizations, cross-checks!

 Cause-and-Effect-Check:  no transmission errors, consistent data at any time (Aucotec)
Fully Integrated

Cause & Effect in Engineering Base's Plant Solution

Engineering Base unites all core disciplines in one universal data model in a single database. (Aucotec)
Milestones in the History of Software

How a Cooperative Engineering Platform Redefines Integration

PDF: Nonstop cooperative plant engineering

One versatile data model from FEED to Operation