Cefic Offers Open Software Tool Software Predicts Chemical Safety

Editor: Alexander Stark

Cefic launched Ambit, a new open software tool designed to support companies by facilitating high quality chemical safety prediction.

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Brussels/Belgium – Based on a ‘predictive toxicity model’, Ambit applies the principles of read-across – a scientific method for predicting unknown properties of one chemical from known properties of similar chemicals - and categorisation. The software tool us enables companies to search for existing information on chemical safety and to securely upload their own data offline.

The Cefic-supported ‘Long Range Research Initiative’ (LRI) programme was responsible for developing the software and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) contributed by sharing non-confidential data. This data is now integrated in the software, and demonstrates the chemical industry’s strong track record in collaborating with governmental chemical safety stakeholders.

Pierre Barthelemy, Cefic Executive Director, Research and Innovation, said: “The Cefic-LRI Ambit tool is a major step forward in our efforts towards chemical safety prediction for R&D and regulatory purposes. It will contribute to the safer use of chemicals and a reduction in testing and innovation cost by making it easier for companies to comply with regulations governing chemicals”.

Enhancing chemical data access and management, Ambit is a free software tool and has been developed under the industry-led LRI project. It comprises a database of more than 450,000 chemical structures and functional modules. Users can search and access a wide range of existing information about a chemical, as well as securely upload data generated by their own company. This process makes the tool both unique and powerful, particularly for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Ambit also offers an enhanced search functionality with substance search requests that can be exported in different formats.

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