Merger in Life Sciences Sinensis Life Sciences Acquires Spinnovation

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dutch based Sinensis Life Sciences has acquired contract researcher Spinnovation Holding for an undisclosed sum. The merger adds Spinnovation's portfolio of magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets to Sinensis' technologies.

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(Picture: Ernhofer/PROCESS)

Leiden/The Netherlands – The addition of Spinnovation expands and strengthens Sinensis’ chemical R&D group as in addition to NMR Spinnovation offers mass spectrometry (MS) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy analyses to its customers. Dr Ruud Santing, CEO of Sinensis, commented: “We are excited to add Spinnovation’s analytical equipment and many years of expertise to our existing portfolio of capillary electrophoresis (CE), UPLC-QToF-MS and UPLC-TQ-MS, all techniques that are becoming more and more important in working on therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies and other biologicals. Moreover, we are pleased that through Spinnovation we get a footprint in the Pivot Park in Oss housing an increasing number of (bio)pharmaceutical companies requiring GMP analytical services.”

Dr Frederic Girard, CEO of Spinnovation, commented: “The strategic fit between Spinnovation and the Sinensis group of contract laboratories is excellent, a group with many years of experience in servicing the (bio)pharmaceutical market. We are confident that with the help of Sinensis we will get a GMP license from the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate rather soon. This license and being a part of Sinensis also means that we can further anchor our commitment to deliver turn-key solutions to our clients from drug and process development to API and product release, and accelerate our growth and realise our ambitions faster.” Spinnovation will continue to operate independently and Dr Girard will continue to lead it, reporting to Dr Santing.