Water Treatment Siemens Enhances Portfolio by Acquiring Cambridge Water Treatment

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Siemens boosts its technology portfolio by acquiring an American water specialist: Cambridge Water Treatment, soon to be integrated into Siemens' municipal wastewater business.

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Siemens expands its water treatment technology portfolio by acquiring American Cmambridge Water Treatment. (Picture: Siemens)
Siemens expands its water treatment technology portfolio by acquiring American Cmambridge Water Treatment. (Picture: Siemens)

Cambridge, Massachusetts/USA – Siemens moves forward in water treatment technologies by acquiring American Cambridge Water Technology. This acquisition, Siemens believes, could be an important step in the pursuit of new leading-edge technologies with high customer value for municipal water and wastewater treatment as well as select industrial markets. Siemens offers water treatment solutions with focus on quality and cost effectiveness in both developed and developing countries by using innovative and standardized solutions.

Cost Effective, High Quality Water Treatment

In the past, Cambridge Water Technologies has developed and patented technologies that increase the rate of solids removal and enhance the capacity and contaminant removal performance of water and wastewater treatment systems. According to company officials, these innovative technologies help to reduce a plant's footprint significantly while increasing the capacity of existing treatment systems by two to three times without adding any new tankage. They are able to handle a high wet weather flow and enable enhanced nutrient removal at costs that are substantially less than other available alternatives, speakers explain.

Solutions For Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment

With solutions for new installations as well as upgrades and retrofits for municipal and industrial applications, Cambridge's technologies will complement Siemens' offer for biological wastewater treatment and clarification as well as drinking water treatment, officials believe. Cambridge Water Technology is expected to be combined with Siemens' municipal wastewater business and will continue to operate out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The company's senior managers, Charles Hamlin, Steve Woodard, and Andy Bishop, are also joining the Siemens business unit's management team. While Siemens plans to acquire all of Cambridge's global technology rights, company operations outside the US remain un–affected by the acquisition.